You are currently viewing How Bulk SMS can Boost BFSI (Banking, Financial Services and Insurance)
How Bulk SMS can Boost BFSI(Banking, Financial Services and Insurance)

How Bulk SMS can Boost BFSI (Banking, Financial Services and Insurance)

BFSI(Banking, Financial Services and Insurance) are highest customer based company always needs new customers for their business improvement and business cycle or rotation of the business. Bulk SMS Service plays an important role to be a continue in lime line so that their business continuation never stop. This is the best tool for advertisement and customer information for the BFSI business. Due to highest customer base and new customer requirement Finance and Insurance service needs to join new customer base in their companies. There are many uses of Bulk SMS services for the BFSI.

– Customer Registration Notification
– New Products Launch Updates
– Customer verification
– EMI Notification
– Deposit  Confirmation
– Withdrawal  Information
– Account Login Authentication
– Premium Updated
– Loan Notification and Updates

New Product launch of any Insurance company or any new Interest rates of Finance company for loans are promoted by them for more customer creation. These are the new offers for the customer so they can opt for BFSI’s new products and services. This is the best and cheapest way for the BFSIs to add more customers and create new accounts and they can increase their profits.

Customer registration is the two factor authentication process where customer is verified by mobile number or any other personal identification through the One Time Password(OTP) verification. After creating an account, login confirmation and verification of right customer to the banking and financial portal is done by Bulk SMS service.

EMI notifications are sent to the customer through the Bulk SMS before the due dates to arrange the EMI amount in their bank a few days back to the EMI dates. This is the Information which client receive few days before to their mobile number and they arrange the same before the due dates. The same thing about the withdrawal from the bank, customer gets instant notification in their mobile through SMS. Insurance company sent the Insurance premium notification to their customers before the due dates of premium.

So bulk SMS is an important part of any BFSI(Banking, Financial Services and Insurance) for promotion as well as information and notification to the customer. I hope this information will help you enough to keep informed. Kindly keep writing us for new updates on the same.

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