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How Many Types of Bulk SMS Services?

How Many Types of Bulk SMS Services?

There are different types of Bulk SMS or Internet SMS according to their use cases and categories. This is a promotional and informational tool to send on any mobile number through an internet messaging system. There is an interface or API to send SMS to the destination mobile number. This can be used for the promotional, transactional, informational or service purpose. If you want to do any promotions, it can be sent through the promotional gateway and if you want to send information, service or transactional details, it can be sent through the transactional gateway. Large numbers of SMSs are used for various purposes according to the different use cases. Bulk SMS is a very useful tool, it has been categorized to the two different forms according to their uses:
1. Promotional SMS
2. Transactional SMS

Promotional SMS is also called Marketing SMS or Business SMS because it is used for promoting the business. This service can be used for sending offers, promoting business, marketing products and for brand awareness. This messages service can be sent using laptop or desktop to login into the Bulk SMS interface. You just need to enter the mobile numbers to the mobile number box, either you can upload 10 digit mobile numbers or you can copy-paste from excel or notepad sheet to comma separated or line separated numbers and message content to the message box, which can be up to 1200 characters. One message count is 160 characters and after that in multiple of 153 characters. Its name Bulk SMS itself says that SMS can be sent in bulk, so anyone can send thousands of the SMS to the mobile numbers in a single click. It is one of the best and cheapest ways to do business promotion. This type of messages are known as:
– Promotional SMS
– Marketing SMS
– Business SMS
– Awareness SMS

Transactional categories of SMS are sub-categorised in different forms like; informational sms, service sms, optin sms, otp sms and api sms. This type of SMS is basically informative in nature used to provide different types of information. If you want to circulate a public notice or information, service subscribe confirmation, users opt in confirmation, two way authentication by otp or send sms to integrate the api which has been triggered by the customer, so these are the different forms of messaging under transactional category.
– Transactional SMS
– Informational SMS
– Service SMS
– Optin SMS

Bulk SMS Services are more categorised according to the features enabled by the different SMS panels. Some of the features are pointed here and described.
– Normal SMS
– Unicode SMS
– Customize SMS
– Personalize SMS
– Multimedia SMS
– Event SMS
– Survey SMS
– Short Link SMS

Above features of SMS are for different kinds of uses like; using Normal SMS feature english SMS can be send, Unicode SMS also called local language SMS allows to send SMS other than English language, using Customize SMS you can upload Excel file with one mobile number column and one Message content column, Personalize SMS is enables you to send unique SMS in each numbers, Multimedia files like; Images, Videos, Audio, Documents etc. can be sent through Multimedia SMS, you can create or schedule the event for whole year in one click using Event SMS, make online mobile survey using Survey SMS and Short Link SMS features allows you to track the numbers who are interested on your services.

So these different kinds of SMS services and features are very useful for different use cases. Hope above information helps you to get more knowledge about the different kinds of messaging. If you need any other related information or information about new topics, you can write to reply to the same.

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