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Digital Marketing V/s Traditional Marketing

Today we are going to discuss Why Digital Marketing instead of Traditional Marketing. From a long way we have crossed over the many businesses and entrepreneurs using the traditional marketing technique for business generation. But today many online platforms are available with the good data sources and providing not only leads but quality leads for all industries according to the need. Traditional marketing platforms like; newspaper, magzine, tv, radio, pamphlets, hoardings etc. are not only a costly way but time taking way to generate the leads. Here we can not target only areas for marketing, but you have to give your advertising here and everyone will be able to see your ad which may be useless for any business. We are going to highlight some of the points:

Traditional Marketing Cons:

  • Slow Conversion
  • Static
  • Delay Feedback
  • Delay ROI
  • Expensive

Digital Marketing Pros:

  • Fast Conversion
  • Dynamic
  • Instant Feedback
  • Instant ROI
  • Effective

The effect of digital marketing is immediate, the reason behind that is it shows the advertising to the targeted audience and when and where they have to show advertising can be done by us. If you want to change the location or audience it can be done immediately. This is the reason for fast conversion of business through digital marketing. Where the reach of traditional marketing is delayed and we can not target the audience here, that response gets delayed and less than the digital marketing in same expenditure.

Traditional marketing audience is fixed and static because it shows always in the same way and can not be changed the location or target audience, where the digital marketing is dynamic, here you can change the audience location, audience type, categories, age targeting any time according to your business needs. Digital marketing is more effectively and dynamically working through the various digital marketing platforms.

Through Digital marketing you can get immediate feedback of your products through the online survey, it is one of the effective and instant results oriented ways. If you want to know customer feedback through traditional marketing. It will take a huge time and the collection process is so lengthy. You can also calculate the Return of Your investment (ROI) through the digital marketing by immediately through the various online analytics process but there is no any option in traditional except waiting for your sale details after a long time.

Traditional marketing is very expensive because it is a global advertising and no option to select to show your ad in any particular area, so you need to pay the full charges of any of the traditional ways of marketing, which makes it costly. But in Digital marketing, there is a way to show your ad at desired location to target your audience category, this is the reason it is much more effective and very cost effective than traditional.

Hope the above information will help you to understand the difference between traditional & digital marketing. To is the age of using digital platforms for any type of products & service marketing. If you are looking for the information related, you can write a reply or mail us. We are continuously researching the same and taking new research to highly searched topics.

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