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What is the Importance of DLT Registration

What is the Importance of DLT Registration, Problems and Future Effect?

DLT, Distributed Ledger Technology has been introduced by Telecom Regulatory Authority of India(TRAI), this is a Telecom Commercial Communications Customer Preference Regulations (TCCCPR) which is a control over the Message or Voice sender entity. Before discussing the technology we need to be aware about the technology requirement, future effects and problems. Few years back some of the TRAI officials amd Operators has been decided to more control over the messaging and voice communication and they have introduced the NDNC (National Do Not Call) for National Customer Call Preference Registry and they have started to register customers mobile numbers under this platform according to preference set of service choice of the customer and they have option the opt the service according to their preference which has to be segregated from 0 to 8 preference of different category of services. After the service registration, portal share the data of customer to the Telemarketer twice in a week and they use those data to upload on their application/server so that promotional SMS or Voice goes only on those number which is not registered under database of NDNC TRAI and other transactional and service SMS and Voice can deliver to the preference choice number by the mobile user. But this system doesn’t work properly because of some data management issues at operator and TRAI. After passing few years again Telecom Regulatory Authority of India(TRAI) & Operators have feel that they have not full control over the Messages and Voice sender, so they have introduced a new technology to more control over the messages and voice sender and to stop completely the unsolicited SMS and Voice communication.

Most of the operators have been enforced the DLT Registration to be compulsory to use their platform for terminating of Messages and Voice. Now every Enterprise who has not registered with the platform needs a compulsory registration for communicating the messages and voice to their customer or audience. This technology is very simple to use for any entity and get their registration over there, but every individual have to register themself to every operator whom they are availing service or they have to do the KYC in each service provider platform if they are availing services from different Telemarketer / Aggregator. This is the main complication in this technology.

No one has ever used this service ever before and don’t want to take any pain for the registration, so they are facing a problem on registration with the different platform. Every operator platform is demanding different types of documents format for the registration and not giving the proper information about the registration documents. This is the main reason for the difficulty faced by users to register their organization under the DLT Platform of different operators. Telecom Regulatory Authority of India and operators need to proper communicate the individual users to register in their platform with the proper guide, so that user entities can do their registration easily.

Now the DLT Platform is coming into the force, so every Entity/Enterprise, Users and Telemarketer have to get compulsory registration under this platform. Only the Enterprise and Telemarketer who have registered under this platform will be able to utilize the service for Messaging and Voice through the Operators. More than 20 billions of domestic commercial messages and voice are terminated every month in India and Millions of the working professionals are employed in this service provider business with Operator and Telemarketer platforms. Messaging and voice services are used to communicate with 70% of the population of India for different purposes. Today, some of the government operators are getting good business through the messaging and voice services and they have started getting good revenue only a few years back because of these services.

Problems with DLT Registration:
– No proper Guidance by Operator and TRAI.
– Registration Process if Lengthy.
– Every Operator has a different Documents format.
– Sender id Duplicates not allowed, even two or more companies may be of Same name.
– No Similar Guideline for Sender registration.

Problem facing by Telemarketers:
– Fear of Customer Data Sharing
– Large Aggregaor is Creating monopoly.
– TRAI / Operator allows to handle registration to a Biggest Agreegaor.
– Trying to Hack the Small Aggregators business.
– Large Aggregator Trying to Finish Small Aggregators.
– Encouragement of monopoly.

So, the TRAI and Operators have to properly manage each customer registration and they have to guide for the registration process. We have mentioned many complications with the different platforms, fear from the Telemarketers and small aggregators for losing their business and hunting by the large aggregators monopoly, this may be the biggest future effect of the DLT platform enforcement. We have also experienced that TRAI/ Operators have allowed one aggregator to handle the DLT platform and that may be the biggest reason for sharing of customer data from Small aggreegator or service providers.

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