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How to do Business After Lockdown?

This is a Time to Plan Your Future Business & Business in Future. This is a continuation of the business doing in lockdown, and what to do after lockdown. Today everyone understands that we have to leave the life with the pandemic disease and have to continue to do business. In a previous blog for “how to do business in lockdown?” we have already given some ideas of doing business in this situation and we are continuing the same with “How to do business after lockdown?”. Now we have to maintain the distance, we have to avoid the meetings, we have to avoid travelling, it means we have to do business without any meeting with anyone. So, we will discuss here the different ideas of doing business to maintain the social distance. In India, most of the MSME and small businesses were doing business to meet the clients and taking orders to check the products, but in the service sector most of the businesses were doing online.

Now MSME and Small Businesses have to go online and show their products and services with reviews online, so that new buyers or customers make faith in the services and products and buy it online. There are many ways to go online and start a business online, we are giving here the complete details to go online and how it will be functional for you. Here we are also going to explain the respective ways and online tools for doing business in the current situation, and we are suggesting to choose below services for doing business in this situation.

1. Website
2. Digital Marketing
3. Bulk SMS

First of all, who wants to go online in today’s situation, the answer is the Small and Medium category of Business, because they have not ever done any online marketing and even not used the online tools for the business promotions. Website is the online presence of any business where details of the business along with its products can be visualized. Here can be mentioned the complete details about the products and services and customers of the business can easily see it. All your presentations are websites, so I have to mention the complete details here so the customer can directly buy from here as well. If you want to sell your products you need to integrate payment gateways here so that customers can buy online. Product details, features, pricing ideas should be clearly mentioned over there so that customers can check all the details and can buy easily. For website development you can contact any of the website developers who have good experience of web development. Website developers can guide you for the website development according to your budget and which type of presentation you want. Low budget to high budget website development is available which can be fit for you.

Digital Marketing plays an important role to do business in current situations and after the period as well. If you want to use a traditional advertising technique like; pamphlet, hoarding and banners, but the people are not moving more to the anywhere then who will see your advertising. So digital marketing is the platform which provides you the best and cost effective way to reach the prospects. Here you can decide to whom you want to display your advertising and which category and which age groups of people can be your customer so only those can see your advertising. This is the way to reach directly to the prospects and handle the leads and enquiries online at your premise without moving here and there. Now we have to maintain the social distance and avoid meeting people and doing business. This situation will take a long time to normalize and this will be the part of our life. Now every business has the only way to reach the new customer, i.e. online. Digital marketing fulfills all your requirements and doing business to maintain the distance and not to meet anyone.

Bulk SMS or Internet SMS is one of the budget ways to promote business through the Messaging Broadcast without moving anywhere. It is so simple to use the Bulk SMS Services to reach the people in a very short time and tell about your business in a short description of SMS. If you have to reach thousands of people in only a few minutes, you can use the Bulk SMS Service. Bulk SMS or Internet SMS can be used through the Internet, here you need to purchase a package of bulk SMS service from the SMS Vendor, who provides you the login details for your bulk SMS panel. Now need to recharge the panel with Bulk SMS credits according to your package requirement like; 10000 SMS, 25000 SMS, 50000 SMS, 1 Lakh SMS or any higher quantity of SMS package. Once you purchase the package, your vendor will credit that amount of SMS credits to user Id, now you can start using Bulk SMS. For using Bulk SMS for your business promotion, you need to login to your panel then enter the mobile numbers and message content you want to send as your business promotion, so that your prospects can call you back for their requirement. Bulk SMS is one of the lowest cost ways to promote any business and this is one of the highest reachable mediums. Today, everyone carries a mobile with him and once they receive the SMS they definitely check it once, and if they have any requirement related to your message details, they will contact you. Bulk SMS can also be used to send the Offers, Discounts, Events, Alerts, Notifications any many more things.

So we are suggesting to do business in any situation to follow the above details for your business and this will be a part of life. This is very simple to adopt and very cost effective to reach your prospects. If you want to know more about the same, you can write to us to reply to the same.

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