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How do I start a bulk SMS business

How do I Start a Bulk SMS Business

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Bulk SMS is one of the cheapest ways of advertising, anyone can start their promotion with the bulk SMS Marketing. All other traditional ways of promotion are very costly and you can assume those all others costing starts with 100X of bulk SMS Marketing. So, the bulk SMS business is the best opportunity for any startup who wanted to start their own advertising agency. This is also a green revolution or a pollution free advertising medium and anyone can reach easily to their prospects in very low cost. There is a simple and easy way to start the bulk SMS business and this is the only business where do not require a huge investment and technical skill to start this business. Most of the bulk SMS aggregators like OS Digital provides the business opportunity and channel partner program, so that anyone can start the bulk SMS business with them. Now you can start selling SMS to your customer with any amount of SMS and you need to pay only for what you have used/purchased. Bulk SMS is a pre-marketed product so any of the startup entrepreneur nor require any marketing expense and this is the advantage of this product. There are some steps, How to start bulk SMS business ?

1. Own Interface :  First of all an Interface for bulk SMS business is required, so that you can create an account for your customer and provide login & other credential of user with your own business name. Here you just need to select the interface and whitelable it with your own brand / business name. Now the interface will look with your name only to your customer along with the API credentials.

2. Own Domain / Whitelabling :  Making a whitelabel is very simple, you can put A records with domain /subdomains and mask the IP of aggregator to your domain /sub-domain. Now you will be able to see the bulk SMS interface with your own name and you can share your own domain to your customers, your customers will be able to see your own domain only. Here you can integrate your own company logo, so that your customer will never feel of using any third party interface.

3. Account Creation :  If you will see the panel provided by a business partner / aggregator, most of the options will like an Admin, and you feel an Admin privilege. Account creation under your admin interface is very easy, you only need to put the details of your customer and start creating user / reseller accounts under your admin panel.

4. User Permission :  Now you have right to allow the different required option related to sending SMS and delivery reports. You can decide which of the options you wanted to show your customers, and your client / reseller will only be able to see which options you have enabled for them. This option helps you to manage your users easily.

Above details will surely help you to get a business opportunity with bulk SMS business. Now this is an era of digital marketing and everyone is preferring to advertise their business to reach directly with customers mobile to be informed about their products and services directly to their hand. To start a bulk SMS business, you can sell it to those customers and be an empowered entrepreneur. Now you will see the records of Mobile users, day-by-day the figures of mobile users are not adding but multiplying. Every year the mobile users are increasing by 15-20%, and you know the bulk SMS providers are not reaching for them with that much speed. So there is a huge opportunity in bulk SMS business for any entrepreneur. 

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