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bulk sms integration with tally software in india

How to Integrate Bulk SMS API in TALLY Accounting Software?

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First of all we are giving some information about the TALLY Accounting Software. It is a billing and GST software usage by every firm or company who makes billing for their customers. TALLY Accounting Softwares is the highly usable software for any company, it gives a best quality, easy to use and timely support to their users and customers. This software provides company to calculate and enter their all the customer details along with the invoice and vendor information. This software automatically calculate the GST and P&L statements.

Bulk SMS API is the string uses to integrate with any application or software to send the automated predefined SMS format to the customer’s mobile at the time of registration, billing, alerts, OTPs and many other purpose which has been already defined and triggered by application of software.

TALLY accounting software needs to be integrated with the Bulk SMS API, so that customers of the billing firm or company can receive their bill details and and the information about the seller company and their occasional offers. Customers data has been recorded in this software, so that at every occasion like festivals, new years, summer offers, winter offers etc can be sent to the customer’s mobile number. SMS API integration on TALLY Accounting Software is now very easy with the given steps of SMS API Integration. We are providing some information with the steps, how to integrate bulk SMS API in TALLY Accounting Software?

First of all, I want to give a short knowledge about the bulk SMS API. Mostly every bulk SMS API provider, provides the same kind of SMS API parameters, like api key, senderid, mobile and message. Here you just need to put different parameters provided by your service provider. API Key after apikey, Mobile Number after mobile and message content after message.

Example Bulk SMS API:

How to integrate Bulk SMS API in TALLY Accounting Software?

To integrate Bulk SMS API into Tally software, follow the below mentioned steps:
1. Go to Gateway of Tally –> F11: Features –> TSS Features.
2. Set the option Use security control to Yes while creating or altering a company to enable TSS Features.
3. Enable the option Enable SMS a ccess.
4. Enter a short name for the company in the field Company name for SMS Alert, Press Enter to save.
5. Then setting the SMS Template you can see the sms template button by pasting :,91xxxxxxxxxxX&message=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
6. After Saving the Templates you can press Alt+F12 button for sending an SMS.

Now your TALLY Accounting Software is Integrated with Bulk SMS API and ready to use.

I am sure the above guidance and details will help you to integrate bulk SMS API into your TALLY Accounting Software.

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