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Send Bulk SMS Without DLT Registration

DLT Registration is a big challenge for the small users, who are either startups and want to promote their business and services using the Bulk SMS service. Some of the DLT operators are charging Rs 5900/- every year as a DLT registration charge, which is not feasible and affordable for the Small users who hardly send more SMS like, API user customer, vocational information customer and many other customers have less quantity of customer data. Some of the clients registered even after the change in the DLT, then Header and Template registration is the second big challenge in the DLT portal, the reason is it takes 3-7 days time for the approval and after spending this time period offers and critical information have no meaning. So there are many more challenges because of the DLT.

Some of the aggregators have invented a way to avoid the DLT challenges. There are many other options like SIM based SMS service and WhatsApp SMS service. No need to do the DLT registration when avail these services and messages can be sent easily using the portal which are similar to the normal bulk SMS portal. All the available facilities in the existing SMS portal can be used in this interface. No DLT Registration, No Header registration, No templates registration required to avail and send the SMS using the SIM based SMS and WhatsApp SMS services.

Why SIM Based SMS Service?

SIM based SMS service allows to use all the facilities of existing Transactional and promotional SMS service in the SMS portal. No need to do the DLT registration to send and avail the SIM based SMS service, just avail the service from the best SIM based vendor and start sending SMS hassle free. In the SIM based SMS service all the messages are delivered with the 10 digit virtual number, which gives more response for the leads generation. This is the most usageable service for the large number of leads generated in the same mobile data, because it delivers with the 10 digit virtual number and every one checks once the message received from any number.

Features of SIM Based SMS:
1. Text SMS Unicode and English.
2. Url Shortener and Tracker.
3. Multimedia and Tracker
4. Schedule SMS
5. Personalize and Customize SMS.

Why WhatsApp SMS Service?

WhatsApp SMS service is also one of the most famous services today. Send media files including the text content using WhatsApp messaging service. WhatsApp API can also be integrated to any of the accounting and other applications. Media files like PDF and Images can also be sent using the WhatsApp API service. The biggest advantage of WhatsApp messaging broadcast is, it can send 1500 characters SMS, multiple images, pdf and video files in single SMS. WhatsApp broadcasting is the most preferred for promotion of business. WhatsApp is the only messaging app which has the largest user in India as well as worldwide. Because of the large customer data, this is one of the best platforms to promote business using WhatsApp SMS Service.

Features of WhatsApp SMS:
1. Send Multimedia Files, Images, Video, PDF.
2. Send Text Messages upto 2000 characters.
3. Delivery with Brand Name and Logo.
4. API Integration.

Send messages hassle free without DLT registration using SIM Based Text SMS Service and WhatsApp SMS and WhatsApp business.

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