You are currently viewing Top 5 Best Bulk SMS and Voice Call Service Provider in India
Top 5 Best Bulk SMS and Voice Call Service Provider in India

Top 5 Best Bulk SMS and Voice Call Service Provider in India

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Today we are writing about the top Five Best Bulk SMS and Voice Call Service Provider in India. We have filtered the top five service provider in the industry as below names of services provider in India.

OS Digial is one of the Leading service providers for domestic Bulk SMS and Voice Call services. OS Digital provides the industry best platform and interface for sending Bulk SMS and Voice Calls. Messages include the Promotional SMS, Transactional SMS, Services, SMS and API SMS. These types of messaging services are categorized for sending SMS through the platform. We are one of the top 5 Best Bulk SMS and Voice Call Service Provider in India, providing uptime service and support to our clients. OS Digital have multiple Operator gateway connectivity of SMS and Voice services, so it is easy to provide a reliable service with no downtime if any operator service gets down. There is a different utilization for the Bulk SMS and Voice Call services, below are the different utilization of the services :

  1. Business Promotion
  2. Leads Generation
  3. Business Branding
  4. Two Factor Authentication and Alerts
  5. Service Messaging & Voice

Business promotion makes possible through the Promotional Messaging or Voice Broadcast. Here business can be promoted through the SMS content and Voice content, need to provide the exact and short content so that people to whom you have targeted can be easily understood and they can know what you wanted to say about SMS and Voice content. The different services and options makes the SMS and Voice business promotion very easy and understandable. You can send only a brief details using the Bulk SMS and Voice Call promotion, because there is a limit for the characters or voice length to be broadcast and also need to understand the people have not much time, so they wanted everything on brief and if they will be interested, can contact for the business.

Bulk SMS and Voice Calls are the best and cheapest way to generate leads and reach to the prospects. OS Digital provides very unique and easy to use platform / interface for sending Bulk SMS and Voice Calls. You just need to select the option for the promotion, upload the numbers to be target and write content for SMS or Upload voice recording for Voice promotion and just click to send. You can send lakhs of the SMS or voice in just one click.

Business Branding is the awareness of your brand in the market. For business branding SMS and Voice is the best way, because now a days every person carrying mobile on his hand and if you broadcast SMS or Voice they check and listen if they are interested in it. SMS saved in mobile, so interested can call later on the same if they require. Using OS Digital SMS and Voice platform you will get the multiple option for business branding like; Quick Link, Multimedia SMS, Smart Scheduling, Events, Survey and many more options.

Two Factor Authentication is the security option which mostly used by the API customer, if any one wants to authenticate the login or any other option to verify customers mobile number, it is only possible by Two Factor Authentication process. OS Digital provides an uptime, platform and service for the two-factor-authentication. This is a very secure gateway and can be integrated through the HTTP API.

Service SMS and Voice is the information or alerts sent by any brand or business to their customers to give any information. Like; if you have registered with any retail brand and they send SMS or Voice for their current or festival offers. Sometimes any banking and finance companies send their latest information to their customers, these types of SMS and Voice are service SMS and Voice. It means these are complete information SMS passed to their customers.

Airtel, is the service provider for the SMS and Voice gateway, they are using industry best SMSC to provide a reliable platform for SMS and world class ISDN for Voice service. The technology behind this is the SMPP for SMS and Voice it is called ISDN for PRI lines. As Airtel is the operator they do not provide the interface with multiple options for sending the SMS and Voice service. They provide only the platform and interface provide like OS Digital provides the sending option and a platform for these services.

Vodafone, is also the service provider for SMS and Voice, it is the second best service provider for SMS and Voice services. We are saying this second best on the basis of customer base. After the Airtel Vodafone is the second choice for the services of SMS and Voice. Vodafone is also not providing the interface with multiple sending options of SMS and Voice.

Videcon, is an operator cum aggregator, they also provide the SMS and Voice service platform to their customers along with the interface. But the interface have not multiple types and SMS and Voice service, sending options as provided by the OS Digital. They provide the SMS and Voice gateway as well as the platform for using their service.

Tanla, is one of the biggest aggregator for SMS service. They are only focussed to provide the SMS service with multiple operator SMS gateway. They are handling, highest domestic volume of SMS in the industry and proving the best platform for sending SMS service.

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