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DLT Registration Challenges in 2023

What are the DLT Challenges in Year 2023?

DLT Registration is a process before availing and sending Bulk SMS or Voice Call Services. The Telecom Regulatory Authority has Introduced it in 2018 and has properly started applying from 2020 on different stages. Different stages of the DLT registration process are Enterprises Registration, Header Registration and Content Template Registration. After completion of all stages anyone can start sending an SMS.

Steps of DLT Registration process:

Step 1: Enterprise OR Entity Registration.
Step 2: Sender id OR Header Registration.
Step 3: Message OR content template Registration.

Now in every coming day different challenges are coming, here we will give a brief expos√© on the challenges and will give resolution with the suggestion for the DLT operators. Every submitted SMS from the different sources are now scrubbing though the DLT platform for the operator from where Entity is availing the service. DLT operators scrub the submitted SMS as per Entity’s pre-registered Header and SMS Content templates, if every credential perfectly matches the messages properly deliver the destination mobile number. Now sometimes the properly approved messages are not delivered to the destination because of some reason, which may be:

Reason of messages failure even after properly registered:

1. Templates are not properly Sync to All DLT Operator.
2. Using the wrong Entity ID.
3. Using Wrong Template ID.
4. Using the wrong Header.

Other challenges faced by different entities are like, the entity approval time is high, documentation is not similar for different DLT operators, content approval time high, due to this no one can send any emergency SMS. Most of the DLT operators are taking charges of Rs 5900/- and small business entities who want to send less volumes of SMS can not send SMS to their customer or registration authentication through the SMS because of its registration charges. Now in every coming day operators are creating problems with DLT approval and they are approving the entities and templates only to their customers who are buying SMS service from them.

Other challenges on DLT:

1. Difficult documentation process
2. High Enterprise approval time.
3. High Header approval time.
4. High Template approval time.
5. SMS category not properly defined.
6. Content blacklisting without any prior information.

Due to the above reason, enterprises get tired and leave the system. A DLT operator should make a similar system with similar documentation process to avoid harassing with the complete DLT process. It should be easy to use and an instant approval system so that every one can do the process in an easy manner. Entity, headers and contents are blacklisted sometimes from DLT operators without any prior information creating problems for the Entities.

Moreover, there are lots of challenges which need to be rectified from the DLT operator, if they want to give better service and solve the compliance of DLT.

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