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Send Notification, Information, Alerts and Promotion through Bulk SMS Service

Bulk SMS Service provider company in Noida, providing best of the services to empower the society, community, business and individual with text and voice messaging services. It enables the service to send notification, information, alerts and for the business promotion. This is one of the best and cost effective ways to reach the people directly. Today, everyone carries the mobile handset with them and 90% of the people have mobile phones to be informed and updated himself with each notification from the mobile.

Noida is one of the capital places of Uttar Pradesh State, where most of the software industry is growing with the greater environment. This is the reason, today the place is one of the biggest business places and one of the huge employment provider places. Bulk SMS is the need for this place to grow and promote various industries like; software, real estate, education, healthcare and many other industries. For boosting their business everyone needs to send information so that they can promote their business and get more customers. Bulk SMS service plays an important role to promote the business of all the industry.

OS Digital is a one of the best and reliable bulk SMS service providers and has a good customer base in Noida. We satisfied our customers with our services and empowered them to use the unique technology in the bulk SMS service.

Who Can Use Bulk SMS Service?

Logistics: to send transport delivery information.

Real Estate: to send project information and promotion.

HealthCare: to send pathology and healthcare information.

Retails: to send best offers and sale information.

Software: to integrate sms api in application.

Hotels: to send booking and location confirmation.

Government: to send alerts and public notification.

Schools: to send information to parents.

Colleges: to send results and admission information.

BFSI: to send EMI alerts and loan information.

Insurance: to send premium information.

Travels: to send booking confirmation.

E-commerce: to send products information and delivery updates.

Advertiser: to send advertising and promotion contents.

Business: to send business branding and awareness promotion.

Individual: to send information for family program.

Corporate: to send notification and information.

Politician: to send election campaign.

Society: to send social information.

Community: to send community program information.

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