MultiMedia SMS Service

Features of MultiMedia SMS Service

Multimedia SMS feature enables to upload multimedia files, you can send photo, pdf, audio, video and docs. Our smart application convert files into Short Link, Same can be send through your SMS content. Using Advance Link you can track the mobile number who viewed your multimedia file. This system provides you a powerful data handling statistics. You can send multiple Multimedia files with single link and you can use the same uploaded files any time in future.

We are India's trusted MultiMedia SMS Service provider for your all Promotional SMS. We are a MultiMedia SMS Service provider in Delhi and anywhere in India. The MultiMedia SMS Service is used to send promotions through multimedia files, you can send photo, pdf, audio, video and docs. This messaging provide real time and powerful data handling statistics. OS Digital provides a robust and reliable platform for the MultiMedia SMS Service on which you can rely. We are providing this service to enable option to track the mobile numbers, who have viewed your multimedia files, so that you can manage the exact statistics for any of your promotion and can get the data for the interested persons on your product or services.

Multimedia SMS service, also known as MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service), allows users to send text messages that include multimedia content such as images, videos, audio files, or a combination of these elements. MMS messages provide a richer and more engaging communication experience compared to traditional text-only SMS messages. Here are some key points about multimedia SMS service:

Content Types: Multimedia SMS allows you to include various types of content in your messages, including images, animated GIFs, audio files, videos, contact cards, location data, and more. This enables you to convey information in a visually appealing and interactive manner.

Compatibility: Multimedia SMS is supported by most modern mobile devices, including smartphones. However, it's important to note that the ability to receive and view MMS messages depends on the recipient's device and cellular service plan. Some older devices or basic feature phones may not support MMS or have limited capabilities for handling multimedia content.

Message Size and Limitations: MMS messages have a larger size limit compared to traditional SMS messages. The size limit varies depending on the mobile carrier and the recipient's device. It's important to consider file size restrictions to ensure compatibility and avoid potential delivery issues.

Service Providers: Similar to bulk SMS services, there are service providers that specialize in offering multimedia SMS capabilities. These providers typically offer web-based platforms or APIs that allow users to create and send MMS messages to multiple recipients.

Features and Capabilities: Multimedia SMS service providers may offer additional features such as message personalization, scheduling, delivery reports, contact management, templates, and analytics to track engagement and performance.

Cost Considerations: Sending multimedia messages may incur higher costs compared to text-only SMS messages. This is because multimedia content requires more data to transmit. It's important to consider pricing plans and understand any additional charges associated with MMS messaging when selecting a service provider.

Use Cases: Multimedia SMS can be used in various scenarios such as marketing campaigns, product launches, event invitations, multimedia advertisements, visual demonstrations, instructional videos, customer support, and more. The ability to convey information through multimedia content can enhance engagement and deliver a more compelling message to recipients.

When considering multimedia SMS service providers, evaluate factors such as message delivery rates, compatibility with recipient devices, ease of use, customer support, pricing, and any additional features or integrations that align with your specific requirements.

Easy to Use

OS Digital provides easy to use and user friendly client interface for sending MultiMedia SMS.

Fast Delivery

Fast Delivery means, it can be used effectively to send any urgent promotions to customers.

Track Number

MultiMedia SMS allows to Track the mobile numbers, who have viewed the MultiMedia file on SMS.

Upload MultiMedia

You can easily upload your multiple MultiMedia files to brouse it from their destination path.

Delivery Report

100% Transparent and Genuine Reports as how we are getting from our corresponding Telecom Operators.

Track Analytics

MultiMedia messaging feature also enables you to track the numbers along with its multiple analytics.

Advance Link

Advance link feature on MultiMedia SMS enables you to send unique URL on each mobile numbers of campaign.

Schedule SMS

You can Schedule MultiMedia SMS Send to your clients automatically by choosing our scheduling feature.

Data Handling

Smart technology allows to track analytics of MultiMedia SMS for Data Formating and Handling of Analytics

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