Bulk SMS Service Provider in Pune

Best Bulk SMS Services Provider in Pune

Pune is a top business city in India having frequent requirements of the Text Bulk SMS Service for the communication and information. We feel pride to give the best and affordable text message communication service end to end and deliver with satisfaction. Good service and strong communication helps to forge a strong relationship with the customer and we are here to provide exceptional customer service and support. Our focus to cater all digital marketing and telecommunication solutions create us the ultimate hub for the customer and business who are looking for it at their location. We are satisfying our customers from the previous 14 years with all digital technology solutions under one roof.

Building a confidence in a service provider's service is important and is a great honor for service providers like us, while getting a positive comment from the customer. We are catering services to hundreds of big brands with their huge satisfaction. OS Digital as a best bulk SMS service provider in Pune is always available with its all digital marketing and mobile marketing solution.

Digital Marketing is the solution for the promotion of business and services at Pune, Maharashtra in India. Today Pune is a huge IT city and has a lot of scope for doing business as it is one of the bigger populated cities of Maharashtra. Every day a huge number of people raised enquiry for their requirements. This is the only reason which makes space for Digital Marketers to do their business in this place. Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Optimization (SMO), Adwords, Social Media Marketing, Bulk SMS Service, Voice Call Service, Missed Call Service, Text to Speech, API SMS, Voice API etc. are the services which provided by the best Bulk SMS Service provider in Pune. Bulk SMS Service is one of the best suited services to be marketed at Pune, as you can make SMS broadcast at your location for the service and business promotion using this service.

Why Service Requires at Pune?

As this is a huge business place and a huge number of transactions are required here and also need to inform the customer, buyer and others to send notification for the same, bulk SMS plays an important role to communicate the transaction and the correct delivery or transaction information to the customer. Anyone can easily avail the promotional and transactional SMS service from the best Bulk SMS Service provider in Pune, as this is the cheapest way to send any information. Pune is a class one city and most of the people are on social media and do huge searches in google, which means there are a huge number of internet users. This gives an opportunity to do digital marketing for business promotion. Today an average person in this city is spending 2-4hrs every day on the internet and they prefer to buy anything from there. Digital marketing has more space for this and it is the best and fastest way to reach the prospects.

Advantage of Bulk SMS Service at OS Digital

High Return of Investment: This is the service where it is easy to get high return on your Marketing SMS campaign for any business because of its delivery and reach.

Highest Open Rate: 90% plus open rate of Bulk SMS marketing gives advantage to generate more inquiries and highest chances of enquiry conversion.

Quick Response and Delivery: Due to instant delivery of SMS to mobile handset gives instant feedback or reply back from the mobile users, called instant response.

Specific Targeting : Specific targeting is easy using marketing SMS service, use the mobile data for campaign broadcasting to get results from specific areas.

High Quality Service: High quality service delivery is a synonym of the Organization, this is the only signature which takes up your service and business.

24x7 Support: Get instant and all replies to your queries and most of the solutions on instant, our support team is always available to help and short out the issues.

Developers API: Get free developers API to integrate your application with the high quality and fastest SMS delivery service with easy API integration.

Powerful Application

A powerful SMS application dashboad developed by OS Digital to manage all features at one place.

High Throughput

To assure a quick and fast delivery of submitted SMS, high throughput operator's connectivity binded.

Fast Delivery

Fast Delivery helps to deliver SMS on time, any urgent information to customers can get effectively.

Dynamic Messaging

Dynamic messaging means send a personalize campaign, each numbers gets unique SMS from uploaded sheet.

Delivery Report

100% Transparent and Genuine Reports as how we are getting from our corresponding Telecom Operators.

Multi Language

Send SMS using your own local languge, our powerful application support all Indian local languages.

Secure Developers API

SMS application is fully secured with SSL, you can get secure Developres HTTP API for your integration.

Smart Scheduling

Send messages using SMS schedule feature, it will deliver automatically on scheduled date and time.

24x7 Service

OS Digital enabled services for 24x7, you can do Transactional SMS submission and delivery any time.

Who can use Bulk SMS Service in Pune?

Logistics: can send transport delivery information. Real Estate: can send project information and promotion. HealthCare: can send pathology and healthcare information. Retails: can send best offers and sale information. Software: can integrate sms api in application. Hotels: can send booking and location confirmation. Government: can send alerts and public notification. Schools: can send information to parents. Colleges: can send results and admission information. BFSI: can send EMI alerts and loan information. Insurance: can send premium information. Travels: can send booking confirmation. E-commerce: can send products information and delivery updates. Advertiser: can send advertising and promotion contents. Business: can send business branding and awareness promotion. Individual: can send information for family program. Corporate: can send notification and information. Politician: can send election campaign. Society: can send social information. Community: can send community program information.

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