You are currently viewing Bulk SMS Integration for Marg GST Billing Software
Bulk SMS Integration for Marg GST Billing Software.

Bulk SMS Integration for Marg GST Billing Software

Marg GST Billing Software is the billing and GST filing software used by various organizations for the billing and accounting purpose. This software make easy accounting and Marg is one of the leading GST Billing Software provider companies in India. Marg GST Billing Software make easy the human effort for the various calculations of any accounting for any company or organization. This makes automate your various applications as well with the help of API.

Bulk SMS can be easily integrated in the Marg GST Billing Software and using Bulk SMS API. Bulk SMS API is interface between Marg GST Billing Software and SMS Software. SMS Vendors provide an API for integrating the software with the help of various variables. Variables are defined according to the requirement of Marg GST Billing Software. You can send the predefined messages with the help of Bulk SMS API. Once you integrate SMS API in Marg GST Billing Software, you can send any type of messages to the registered customer in this accounting software of any organization. Marg GST Billing Software have the facility to store the clients details like their Name, Email, Mobile Numbers, Location and many other details. Using these details Marg GST Billing Software can send the Offers Messages, New Arrivals, Occasions, Birthday Wishes, Anniversary Wishes to the customs of the company. They can also send personalized SMS to customer, means a unique messages to different customers on one click.

Marg GST Billing Software can also use the Bulk SMS Service for the promotion of their various services. Bulk SMS is one of the best and cheapest way to promoting and advertising any product or service. Every bulk SMS API provider, provides the SMS API parameters, like api key, senderid, mobile and message. Here you just need to put different parameters provided by service provider.,91xxxxxxxxxxX&message=xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Integration process of Bulk SMS API in Marg GST Billing Software:

To integrate Bulk SMS API into Marg software, follow the below mentioned steps:
1. Open your Marg software settings.
2. Open your Masters option then click on Marg setups.
3. Open control room after that SMS setup.
4. Window will open after selecting these options, and make changes.
5. There is an option of string into which we have to put the SMS API string.
6. Paste the API in the string like:,91xxxxxxxxxxX&message=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
7. After that parameters to be placed in variable, save the data.

Now your Marg GST Billing Software is Integrated with Bulk SMS API and ready to use. This step-by-step detail will help you to integrate bulk SMS API into your Marg GST Billing Software.

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