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Why DLT Platform Implemented Without Preparation?

Why DLT Platform Implemented Without Preparation?

From June, 2020 all the Operators have applied for the compulsory DLT without any preparation. Till date less than 5% of Enterprises are registered under DLT platform and only 0.5% of the Enterprises are registering their Sender Ids to this platform. No one of the operators is saying why messages of Registered sender ids Enterprises are not delivering and rejecting from the operators platform even after approved on that platform. This is only a case of implementation of DLT without any study from the practical background and no one of the operators have any knowledge about the platform integration. There are many questions on the second phase of DLT registration.

– Is the DLT Platform implemented without preparation?
– Who has to do DLT Registration?
– Shall the messages be delivered after DLT registration?
– Shall Enterprises have to do Registration on All the DLT Platform or any One?
– If the sender is approved by any one then will work with all the operators?
– After Sender id registration again provide the sender ids to Operators?
– Is this a centralized platform for all operators?
– If yes, why is it not working?
– If the platform is not properly functional, why have operators been implemented?
– Why operators are taking a long time for DLT registration approval?

According to the TRAI communication operators have to ready the DLT Platform and as per previous communication from the TRAI, DLT will be the centralised platform so Enterprises availing service from any of the operators have to register himself on his operator’s DLT platform only. In the First phase of the DLT implementation, every Enterprises and Telemarketers have to register their organization with the proper documentation in this platform. But if you will see, most of the Enterprises and Telemarketers have not yet registered in this platform and also Operators are taking very long time for completing and approving the Enterprises and Telemarketers after verification.

Now all the operators have stopped the services of SMS & Voice and told everyone to register their Sender ids in this Second phase of DLT Registration process. Now there are a lot of loopfalls from the operators end, now even after the sender ids registrations, messages from operators platform are not delivering. Also have been identified, in the whole DLT platform One Selder ID will be registered only at once on first come and first serve basis. If any one has taken sender ids with your name then you have to approve any other sender id to the platform, also you have to note you can apply only the sender ids which are related to your Enterprise or business name.

Overall there is a lot of Miscommunication from the operators end and everyone is looking for their own profit, no one is thinking about the Enterprise or End user who is using these services for their consumer communication. DLT Registration to any one platform should be there and if anyone registers, they can send their messages or voice to any of the operator’s platforms. Some of the operators are charging Rs.5900/- for the registration on their DLT platform to Enterprises and Telemarketer both.

Why TRAI has asked to implement DLT even after they have good mechanisms to catch and stop the spamming and other wrong communications. Before the DLT implementation mechanism of UCC(Unsolicited Commercial Communications) was there in the system and it was working properly. But from the previous two years TRAI has stopped NDNC registration and giving the DND data to the telemarketers, so why TRAI has made such a mistake and playing with the mobile numbers consumers rights for the name of only DLT platform implementation. Why TRAI has not run the platform of till the proper implementation of DLT Platform. Today, again there is a lot of question mark on TRAI why they have not properly handled the complete DLT implementation process and leave consumers in the lap of private players, who are miscommunication about the complete system and creating panic to Enterprises. This is the only reason for not getting a register of Enterprises in DLT platform, developing faith in this platform is important and this is a responsibility of TRAI. Now TRAI should come immediately into this DLT platform registration process system because most people don’t want to give their documents to any private third party for using a small quantity of messaging and voice services.

So finally, TRAI and DLT Platform Operators both have to understand and they have no right to stop the services of any customer who is paying for their SMS and Voice services. More than 90% of the Enterprises and Telemarketers have already followed the rules for the commercial communication service usage, because they are already integrated from these services years ago. Today, this rule is creating panic and many of the people who have integrated with these services will lose their business and jobs.

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