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How to do a Complete DLT Registration

How to do a Complete DLT Registration?

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As you are already aware from previous communications that TRAI has notified a completely new framework to manage commercial communications and is aimed at curbing the problem of Unsolicited Commercial Communication(UCC)or spam calls and messages vide its Regulation. The purpose is to ensure that all the below mentioned mandatory activities have also been completed as per the registration process under TCCCPR 2018:

• Enterprise Registration
• Headers for all categories of commercial communication viz; Promotional, Transactional, Service etc.
• Content Templates for each of the registered headers

First of all, it’s necessary to know what DLT is and why it’s important? DLT, Distributed Ledger Technology has been introduced by Telecom Regulatory Authority of India(TRAI), this is a Telecom Commercial Communications Customer Preference Regulations (TCCCPR) which is a control over the Message or Voice sender entity. This technology is required to avoid the unsolicited commercial communication and stop the spamming and fake messages and voice. This is a very vast technology and there are some steps of processing the DLR registration. Some of the platforms and operators are providing free dlt registration and dlt registration is free for those who register their entity on that operators platform. Online dlt registration process is very simple and easy to complete . If you have already arranged the documents, then it will take only 5-10 min time for complete registration. There are many DLT registration platforms like; MTNL dlt registration platform, BSNL dlt registration platform, VILPOWER dlt registration platform, AIRTEL dlt registration platform and Videocon dlt registration platform. Some of them are taking charges for the DLT registration but many are providing free DLT registration.

The important parts of the DLT Registration process are:
1. Enterprise / Entity Registration
2. Header/Sender id Registration
3. Consent and Content Template Registration

Enterprise / Entity Registration
You can signup to any of the DLT platform networks and start filling the required details along with the documents upload, but before starting your signup you need to arrange below documents. After completing the process you will get a temporary registration number. DLT officials will check your provided information, and if your all given information will be found correct then they will approve your Enterprise and provide you with an Enterprise registration number. Now the first phase of DLT registration is completed here.

2. PAN SOFTCOPY.(Auth. Person)
4. Entity Name.
5. Entity Establishment Date.
6. Website.(Optional)
7. Mobile Number.
8. Email Id.
9. Letter of Authorization.(Format available in DLT)
10. Letter Showing Authorised Person.(Format available in DLT)

Header/Sender id Registration
Now the next and second phase after the Enterprise / Entity Registration is Header/Sender id Registration. You just need to login to your DLT network using your user id and password and go to the Header section. Here you have two options, Promotional and Other. If you are a promotional SMS/Voice user, then select promotional and select your industry and search for the sender id if it is available, if not then change and search again. If you are a Transaction or Service SMS/Voice user then select your industry and search for the sender id if it is available, if not then change and search again, sender ids are case sensitive so you can choose it accordingly. Now you need to upload a consent letter in both Promotional & Other cases with the provided format mentioning your header and the purpose of the header then submit this. After verifying your details and Header DLT team will approve or reject.

Consent and Content Template Registration
Next and third phase of DLT process is Consent and Content Template Registration.
In the consent template you need to provide, template name, brand name and purpose of the message. For Example;
Template Name: Login Credential
Brand Name: OS DIGITAL
Purpose: Send Login Credential to Customer.

In the content template there will be 3 options; Promotional, Transactional and Service. You can choose any of the options according to your use case. If you select Service then there will be two more options Implicit and Explicit, so these can be selected according to the use cases of your messages. After this process you can select the sender id from your pre approved list and template name, now you will get a text box to write your message template. You can write the message template in the Text or Unicode both format, you can also put the variable content unser the message template and submit the message template. Now your Consent and Content Template will be checked and verified by the DLT team and will get approved if it’s found OK.

Hope the above information will help you to do the DLT registration easily. If you are looking for more information on it, you can reply to the same. We are always working to do research on new innovation topics.

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