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How to Send Recorded Voice Call ?

Recorded Voice Call or Voice broadcast or Voice SMS is a message which was sent to record on mobile or landline numbers. There is a multiple techniques for promotion and spreading words, Recorded Voice Call is one of it. The simple way to send Voice Call is you need to upload your destination mobile and landline number then upload the Pre-Recorded Voice and click to send. Now the Recorded Voice Call will be delivered to the destination mobile and landline numbers in a few seconds.

Voice SMS/Recorded Voice Call is a fast way to send a short message to another mobile and landline subscriber that can be retrieved at the subscriber’s convenience. In that sense it is similar to an SMS text message. But Voice Call is much easier to use. There are no keystrokes needed to compose the Voice Call, you just talk. When a Voice SMS is sent, an SMS text message is received saying “You have a Voice SMS click here to listen to your message”. In one click you are listening to your new message via a human voice.

There are additional advantages for Voice Call over text SMS. The text user interface on mobile phones is great if you use English, a European language, Kanji, or another widely used language. But once you get beyond the top twenty languages, there is little or no support in text messaging. And of course, text messages are of no use to people who are illiterate. Voice SMS is perfect when the need to communicate is strong and a live conversation is not in order — for example when you think the other party is likely to be asleep, in a meeting, or in a noisy environment. Voice Call is a convenient way to give call recipients information or initiate a non-real time conversation, while allowing them to delay their response until it is convenient. Even more important, voice conveys emotion and can provide a more in-depth understanding than any text message.

Key Press on Voice Call
Key press option on Voice Call or one click one option enables to get key impression on MIS for any of your interested client’s campaign. This is an additional advantages for Voice SMS over key press. The voice user interface on mobile or landline phones is great if you use key press from their handset. But once you get beyond, there is little or no support in voice messaging. And of course, text messages are of no use to people who are illiterate and voice can help to understand easily.

Recorded Voice Call can be integrated through API to any Application which automate and personalize the Recorded Voice Call and feel you a new experience on Voice Broadcast.
Voice Call API Benefits:
– Easy to Integrate with your ERP
– OTP Verification
– Send Any confirmation.
– Attendance record
– EMI Alerts
– Two-way authentication

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