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What is Text to Speech Voice Call?

Text converted to voice signal is call Text-to-Speech Voice Call. This has been done by machine, this is also called machine voice. Text-to-Speech (TTS) is a useful technology that converts any text into a speech signal. It can be utilized for various purposes, e.g. car navigation, announcements in railway stations, response services in telecommunications, and email reading. However, many other general-purpose customize TTS has been developed that can consistently synthesize sufficiently natural speech. We improve the voice conversion algorithm based Model, which is a conventional statistical voice conversion algorithm.

Text-to-Speech (TTS) also provides the user to send Dynamic voice content; it can be used for Informational voice content broadcast. You can upload a Dynamic Fields from the Excel Sheet or directly pull from the database through API. You can create your own TTS flow to send any type of Information to your customers. For example, you can utilize our Dynamic Text-to-Speech (TTS) solution for below categories of customers:
1.      Electrical board department can send dues to their customer as below string:
Eg. : Dear #B# your CA Number is #C# and your Dues amount is Rupees #D#
2.      Finance / Banking / Loan company can send their customer to EMI information before due date:
Eg. : Dear #B# your EMI against Loan Account No. #C# is due on date #D# for amount Rupees #E#
3.      Education sector can use it to inform the results to their students:
Eg. : Dear #B# your result for Class #C# has been declared and your marks are #D#
4.      It can be used for automated IVR Gas booking purpose:
Eg. : Dear #B# as per record your C Id. Is #C# for booking your gas cylinder  press #D#

Text-to-Speech (TTS) API:
You can utilize the Text-to-Speech (TTS) solution to your own application through API based automated call flow string.  We have already given the above examples which can be used for your own API based application. We are providing API for broadcasting the TTS based voice as given below.,xxxxxxxxx

Text-to-Speech Voice Call can be integrated through API to any Application which automate and personalize the Recorded Voice Call and feel you someone really speaking on your call on Voice Call.
Benefits of Text-to-Speech Voice Call:
-Dynamic and Personalize Voice Call.
-Send OTP Verification.
-Real Time Converting Text-to-Speech.
-Create your own voice flow.
-Send EMI Alerts.
-Two-way authentication.

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