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Boost a Business in future with Bulk SMS Promotion

Boost a Business in future with Bulk SMS Promotion

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Bulk SMS Promotion empowers customers and business as the best and affordable marketing tool. It is also the best and affordable marketing tool to grow business, apart from the normal and conventional ways of marketing. The conventional ways of marketing are much more costly and most of the MSME (Medium and Small Scale Industry) cannot afford for their business promotion. Bulk SMS Promotion is the only way of business marketing allows you to start with any smaller investment and reach directly to their customer or prospects. Now this tool has changed the experience and allows everyone to get started with the new and cheaper way of business marketing. The bulk SMS Promotion or promotional SMS has direct reach to customers, so that the customer can contact any business immediately. Now, many technologies have been introduced under the bulk SMS marketing at no extra cost. The technologies and features introduced for growing business through bulk SMS Promotion are:
1. MultiMedia SMS
2. Quick Link
3. Survey SMS
4. Split and Schedule
5. Personalize SMS

The MultiMedia SMS features allows you to send images, audio and video files through the SMS Promotion. Hence, you can give more exposure about your brand and products, which definitely helps to double your leads and can grow your business in the same ratio. This feature allows you to reach directly to the customer’s mobile and you can track that mobile number who have viewed your media SMS. These views can be your business leads and you can revert them with your proposal and services, using this you can multiply business thought bulk SMS Promotion.

Quick Link is the feature that allows you to send a Shorten business link with your business Promotion SMS. This feature allows you to send a unique link to every mobile number along with bulk SMS and you can track those numbers who have shown interest in your product or services. This feature saves your credits and money to shorten your long URL into short, because it saves your SMS content length. Using the Quick link, mobile numbers can track who have clicked your link sent through SMS content on bulk SMS Promotion.

The latest feature on bulk SMS Promotion is Survey SMS. This feature allows you to create a business survey program for your product and services. Using this feature any business promoter can make a survey through bulk SMS and can grow their business. This feature gives you the survey questionnaire answer data along with the mobile numbers. Here you can analysis or see the survey results in the platform along with the mobile numbers. Survey SMS can also be used for service feedback, political popularity checks, before any business investment in the market.

Split and schedule feature allows you to schedule your bulk SMS Promotion for the whole day on a single click. Instead of spending the whole day time for a business campaign, you can just upload a campaign and set the split and time gap, this feature automatically schedules your campaign for the whole day in a few seconds. Once you make the split and schedule your campaign automatically run on your split scheduled time, this saves your SMS Marketing time.

The Personalize SMS sending feature allows users to send a unique and personalize SMS on a single click to all uploaded numbers. It means, you no need to spend time to send everyone a one-by-one SMS; you just send to all on a single push. This feature helps you to give a personal touch on your business promotion through bulk SMS.

Latest technologies and features in bulk SMS Promotion is much easier and user friendly along with, without any extra paying on your business promotion budget. Bulk SMS Promotion is the future tool to grow any business, even if you have products or services.

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