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Why Facebook Ads is The Best Platform for Real Estate Business?

Facebook Advertising is an online platform for the promotion of any products or services. This is the world’s largest social network and has 1.25 billion daily active users globally, the average user spends 1hr. per day with Facebook properties. Facebook has become one of the top social media platforms now-a-days and there are multiple advantages to associate with this platform. Not only can people use it personally for interacting with their friends and family, but it has also turned out to be a handy tool for promoting and advertising a business. It has become an extremely effective Marketing tool in today’s Business Scenario. Facebook is by far the leading social network in the world and .

Real Estate is one of the high revenue generation sectors and Real Estate companies are always looking to sell their projects on time. Facebook Ads is the  best option for the Real Estate business to boost their business and generate the large numbers of leads for their projects selling. Facebook also gives multiple options for the showing and filtering of audiences, so that they can reach to the prospects without spending more. Today, real estate companies have built a large number of projects but they are not able to sell them on time. Facebook advertising plays an important role for Lead Generation, Brand Building and Image Boosting so they can reach a large number of people.

Why Facebook Marketing for Real Estate Business?
– Lead Generation
– Building
– Image Boosting

Benefits of Facebook Marketing for Real Estate Business:

Low Expenses: This Marketing strategy includes very low cost and high ROI. Facebook Ads are budget friendly and any one can start with a very small budget. Cost Per Million (CPM) and Cost Per Click (CPC) are the two popular charging methods. CPM is charged per thousand impressions whereas CPC is chargeable per click.

Brand Loyalty and Personal Touch: Facebook allows easy and quick interaction between customers and businesses. It is also easy to respond to customers, which promotes brand loyalty. Through this medium, people can directly contact the business on their Facebook page. Simultaneously, It allows a business to communicate with their existing as well as their prospective clients. It gives a personal touch making it more effective as compared to other marketing tools.

Increased Web Traffic: By using this marketing tool, you can drive desired traffic to your website through the Facebook campaign.

Awareness: In order to achieve Multiple levels of Marketing, Liking and Sharing are superb tools available on Facebook for any business. Once the page is liked by users, they will receive updates made by you from a business point of view as well.

Popularity: The popularity of Facebook Ads has grown tremendously in recent years. Since a significant amount of demographic data of the users is available with Facebook, the Ads could be designed to target the users with specific demographics by the advertiser.

Types of Facebook Advertisements Real Estate Business:
Link Click Ads
Video Ads
Boosted Page posts
Multi Projects- Carousel Ads
Dynamic Projects Ads (Remarketing Display Ads)
Lead Ads
Canvas Ads
Collection Ads
Page Like Ads
Local Awareness Ads

The number of Facebook users in India is increasing by 20 to 22% every year and currently it has reached 400 million. Online promotion and advertising craze is increasing day-by-day and in every coming day it is achieving new goals. Facebook marketing is the best way for the Real Estate business promotion.

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