What is the Difference Between SMS API and Developer SMS API?   (Link to: https://www.osdigital.in/developer-api.html) SMS API is a very useful tool to integrate any software to the SMS application. This

There are different types of Bulk SMS or Internet SMS according to their use cases and categories. This is a promotional and informational tool to send on any mobile number

Today we are going to discuss Social Media Marketing or Social Media Advertising. Social Media is an online social platform, where we throw our thoughts and post images and many

Today we are going to discuss Why Digital Marketing instead of Traditional Marketing. From a long way we have crossed over the many businesses and entrepreneurs using the traditional marketing

CRM Software is also known as leads management software or sales force management software. It plays an important role to manage your leads and process the same to the desired

Any one can start doing online business without any huge investment. Multiple online platforms are available for doing business. Only a little knowledge about these services are important, and no

SMS or Bulk SMS is one of the best and cost effective ways to give information and for any promotion. Today 300 Million SMS terminated everyday with the different operators

Registration process in the Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) Platform is very simple. Today we will explain the complete process for DLT registration and importance for every category of industry and

From June, 2020 all the Operators have applied for the compulsory DLT without any preparation. Till date less than 5% of Enterprises are registered under DLT platform and only 0.5%

DLT Platform Implementation processes are creating panic for Enterprises and Telemarketers because of its non uniform platform in terms of various operators and timing to enforce the implementation of the platform.

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